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Arthritis Repair Kit (ARK)

Advanced, organic treatment for sufferers of arthritis.   


The Arthritis Repair Kit (ARK) from Natureworks Health is likely the most advanced treatment available today for people suffering from various forms of arthritis. It is organic in nature and uses scientific procedures and processes developed and patented by Natureworks Health. The best modern medicine can offer is to learn to live well with arthritis while we at Natureworks Health believe it is all about assisting the body to do what it was designed to, and that is heal and maintain itself. 

Fifteen years of research and development by the founders of Natureworks Health has developed the ARK specifically for arthritis sufferers, with definitive, positive results for those with Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Gout, and Fibromyalgia.

Gives the body the tools it needs to do its job, and which it has not been able to get from the air we breathe and food we eat.  

 Why does ARK work?

Product 1 is designed as a transport system for the things the body is lacking for various reasons to do its job efficiently. It provides single molecular oxygen into the bloodstream quickly to be easily absorbed into the cell, along with anti-inflammatory elements to the cells at the joints. 

Product 2 carries anti-viral substance into the cells to aid the immune system in order to start the rebuilding process. 

Product 3 brings to the body the full spectrum of minerals it needs in various amounts, to catalyze the vitamins from our food for its daily operation and maintenance, along with iodine and vitamin C.

Product 4 brings the necessary repair elements needed by the body to rebuild cartilage and fix the joint.

 How is it taken? 

The kit is four liquid products taken by swishing in or sprayed into the mouth, three times a day. The ARK is designed as a 30 day program but as the condition improves a maintenance program using only one third of the suggested serving for each product is recommended.

 The science

The ARK has been proven to be effective because it brings to the body the necessary resources it needs to fight, treat, repair and maintain itself from arthritis at its most fundamental level-the cell.

The ARK works on transporting oxygen into the cells to enable them (all 50 trillion, give or take) to work efficiently by producing more energy as well as being able to get rid of waste; bring in anti-viral elements to help the immune system to break the cycle of fighting itself; provide anti-inflammatory support to those cells that are under stress and struggling to cope; carry substances that help with formation and repair of cartilage; re-mineralise the body with “missing ingredients” needed for efficient maintenance of bodily functions. 


    Product 1 - Sulphur .82g/It, Silver nano-particles 9mg/It, Gold nano particle 8mg/It, Available Oxygen as 1O2

    Product 2 - Suplhur 1.22g/It, Silver nano-particles 9mg/It, Available Oxygen as 1O2, Filtered frequency treated de-ionized water

    Product 3 - Available Oxygen as 1O2, Concentrated humic minerals, concentrated fulvic minerals, de-ionised frequency treated water

    Product 4 - Selenium Methionine 500,000ug/It, silver nano-particles 7mg/It, De-ionised frequency treated water

 Need to know more?

For more information, read our FAQs. 


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