Nature works wonders

Chronic Fatigue Repair Kit (CFRK)

Assist the body to heal itself.  


We at Natureworks Health believe (from the evidence accumulated and the many testimonials received from people who have used our products) that the body wasn’t designed to be healed with artificial chemicals.

The Chronic Fatigue Repair Kit (CFRK) is the result of 15 years’ research to make the body function at its most efficient.

The CFRK was developed to assist the body to reach and maintain optimum operating efficiency. 

 What is so special about CFRK? 

At Natureworks Health we know that it is impossible to have “just one thing to fix everything”. That is why we have three products in our Chronic Fatigue Repair Kit. 

The products work amazingly well once in the body but are totally different in their composition and characteristics. They have been specifically developed to treat a person with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and overlapping conditions.

 The science 

After 15 years of searching we have concluded that everything begins and ends in the 50-100 trillion cells that make up and operate our bodies, each and every moment of our existence.

Each of our cells need the same ingredients to create energy to run our “system” and maintain it.

Available oxygen in your cells

Without oxygen we have no life. Full stop. Just because we breathe oxygen into the lungs doesn’t mean it is all being absorbed into the blood stream and getting to the cells. There is less oxygen in the atmosphere than there was 100 years ago, especially if you live in cities. Pollution reduces the amount available. Living near the coastline or in the countryside provides more oxygen to absorb. 

Natureworks Health discovered that oxygen, in its single molecular form (singlet oxygen), can get into the bloodstream much easier than in its “clumped” form of up to 12 molecules. This is the way we get it naturally. In singular form it is more easily absorbed by the cell which can then work far more efficiently. It not only enables the cell to create more energy but to remove waste more efficiently.

 Nutrients plus oxygen create energy 

The right nutrient for the right cell is the key. This means having the right vitamins for the body to take up and allocate to the relevant cells. Minerals are essential to retrieve the vitamins and send them to the cells. All 72 known minerals are needed in the body for it to be able to catalyze (extract) the vitamins from the food and into the bloodstream to be used by the cells. 

The first serious problem is that most of the minerals are no longer in the soil and therefore not available in our food. Mineral deficiencies are very common. 

Secondly, what we know that most synthetic vitamin supplements are not absorbed by the body because they are not recognized as food (except vitamin C) and therefore have little value in keeping us healthy.

 Anti-bacterial and
anti-inflammatory elements

We do not have enough anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory elements to assist the cells in dealing with unnatural invasion from pollution, toxins, viruses and microbes to keep the body in balance. The more severe the condition, the harder the body’s defenses work to try and bring it back to normal. And with something like CFS most of the defense mechanisms are working overtime.


    Product 1 - Sulphur .82g/It, Silver nano-particles 9mg/It, Gold nano particle 8mg/It, Available Oxygen as 1O2

    Product 2 - Suplhur 1.22g/It, Silver nano-particles 9mg/It, Available Oxygen as 1O2, Filtered frequency treated de-ionized water

    Product 3 - Available Oxygen as 1O2, Concentrated humic minerals, concentrated fulvic minerals, de-ionised frequency treated water

    Product 4 - Selenium Methionine 500,000ug/It, silver nano-particles 7mg/It, De-ionised frequency treated water

 How is it taken?

    The CFRK comprises three liquid products that are taken three times a day by swishing in or spraying into the mouth. It is designed for 30 to 90 day use. As the condition improves, a maintenance program using only one third of the suggested serving is recommended.

 Need to know more?

See our blog or visit our FAQs for more technical information. You can also  ask us more questions.


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