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Heavy Metal Test Kit

A test kit for heavy metal contamination as a starting point for illness diagnosis or well being.  

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Heavy metals are the main cause of chronic and serious illness in the world today.

What are heavy metals?

Heavy metals are a natural component of the earth’s crust.They are metallic chemical elements  that have a high density and are toxic or poisonous at low concentrations. The most common examples of heavy metals (but not the limit) are mercury, lead, aluminium, zinc, copper and cadmium. Those most commonly associated with poisoning are lead, mercury, arsenic and cadmium. 

Where do they come from?

Heavy metals are in the food we eat, water we drink, air we breathe, ground we walk on, vaccinations, medicines, clothing, carpet, paint and most plastic be it a shopping bag, food container or computer.

Health researchers and professionals believe that 80% of all chronic and serious illness can be attributed to heavy metal contamination in the body. 

 Why are they dangerous? 

Heavy metals are dangerous because they tend to bio-accumulate in the soft tissue of the body and build up faster than they can be broken down or excreted. Symptoms and conditions caused by heavy metal poisoning vary but they have been well documented in triggering:

  • heart disease
  • thyroid problems
  • dementia
  • neurological conditions
  • autism
  • infertility
  • birth defects
  • fatigue
  • PMS
  • loss of smell and taste
  • macular degeneration
  • prostate enlargement
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • sterility
  • immune suppression  
 But I feel fine... 

Until recently health practitioners believed heavy metal poisoning occurred only when someone showed “signs” of poisoning. But the downward spiral on our mental, emotional and physical well being from heavy metal contamination, especially for our children, is not necessarily obvious, as research now indicates. We are affected by much lower levels of heavy metals than previously considered toxic. Matching symptoms with the condition is becoming difficult to accurately determine especially when toxic metals weaken the immune system. 

Heavy metals can even cause essential minerals such as zinc and copper to be toxic by taking their biological spaces in the body, blocking absorption and resulting in an accumulation of unbound ions and the production of free radicals a million-fold.  

 So can I test for heavy metals?

When it comes to you and your family’s health, whether you are looking for solutions to existing health problems/conditions or as a preventative measure, the place to start is to test for heavy metals.

Yes, you can test at home!

No need to send hair samples overseas and pay exorbitant prices for an analysis. Naturework Health's Heavy Metal Test Kit (HMTK) is an accurate, simple and quick means to test yourself, your family, pets, your water supply and any fluids, foods, surfaces at home or anywhere and get immediate results.

Naturework Health's HMTK is the first and only patented personal test kit available anywhere that actually measures heavy metal toxicity at a cellular level. It has been developed and made in Australia to exacting quality control standards.

 Key components
  • 8 test kits with a chart to determine if heavy metals are creating a toxic environment within your body.  
  • 100ml bottle of Naturework Health's  Multi Metal Detox (MMDTX) 
 Tell me more about the Multi Metal Detox Treatment (MMDTX)

Naturework Health's  Multi Metal Detox Treatment is a 50 day treatment for elimination of multi-metals from tissue within the body. It has been developed as a concentrated “super chelator” for binding heavy metals for total elimination from the body. 

It comes as part of the Heavy Metal Test Kit, but is also available separately

Please note; the amount of treatment/length of time of treatment can vary depending on the degree of contamination, therefore it is recommended that a test is conducted at the beginning and end of the treatment period for comparison.

 Directions for use of the Heavy Metal Test Kit  
  1. Remove test tube cap (1 of 8 supplied) and add 0.5ml (one half of 1ml) from bottle (marked "Solvent") using the pipette supplied. Then replace cap on test tube.
  2. Shake test tube vigorously for approximately 30 seconds. This allows the solvent to mix with the reactive colour-metric identifying compound contained within the cap. Then let the test tube stand with the cap facing down for approximately 1 minute. The solution will now be green in colour and is ready for the test.
  3. Remove test tube cap and add 2-3 ml of the liquid to be tested into the prepared test tube using the second pipette supplied.
  4. NOTE: Each of the 8 test kits come supplied with 2 pipettes which are for single use (not re-usable). Only use a clean dry pipette for each test.
  5. Replace cap on test tube and shake vigorously for 4-5 seconds then let stand for 15-20 seconds.
    A colour change to any closely matching the supplied colour chart confirms that heavy metal ions are present in your tissues, or the food or water being tested.
 How is the MMTDX taken?

Add 2ml in 1 litre of water and consume during the day. This allows the body to excrete/remove the heavy metals through the organs with little stress.

 Need to know more?

Still wondering how it works? Hopefully most of your questions are answered in our FAQs and you can also comment on our answers and ask us more questions.

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