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Ultimate Multi Minerals (UMM)

The ultimate superfood.  


Humans need 72 minerals in varying amounts every day in order to catalyze vitamins from the food we eat that will enable us to function properly and live a healthy life. We rely on the minerals coming from the food we eat - the meat, fruit and vegetables. 

But eating them is no longer good enough.

Firstly: Fertilizers no longer add enough nutrients to the soil that our fruit and vegetables are grown in. The soils used for growing vegetables and fruits now are depleted in essential minerals. Without them vitamins are unable to perform their proper function. You need 10 servings of vegetables and fruits grown today to match just 1 serving grown 50 years ago.

Secondly: “Freshness” is a myth. Storage time from harvest to table because of season or distance causes degradation and further depletion of nutrients. Research shows that fresh vegetables such as green beans lose up to 45 percent of nutrients by the time they’re purchased. 

Thirdly: Today we have to cope with huge amounts of pesticides and GMO foods that were not there 50 years ago. We eat fruit and vegetables for our health, but pesticide poison residue is in turn damaging our body and remaining in our cells causing sickness. And some of our local, and much of our imported, food crops are genetically modified causing damage to our digestive systems. 

Assist the body to do what it does best...DEFEND, REPAIR, and MAINTAIN. 

 3 sprays of UMM into the mouth a day 
  • Increases energy
  • Is a ferocious antioxidant and free radical scavenger
  • Chelates heavy metals and body toxins, removing them from the system
  • Transports nutrients into the cell
  • Extends the time nutrients remain active - potentiates the availability of essential nutrients
  • Increases metabolism of proteins, contributing to DNA and RNA synthesis
  • Is a powerful natural electrolyte for increased endurance and recovery from exercise
  • Restores electrochemical balance
  • Increases activity of a host of enzyme systems
  • Is a natural probiotic
  • Improves hearing, eyesight, skin and body functions
  • Increases bio-availability of nutrients and minerals
  • Works to remove excess salt and sugar before absorption and storage by the body

Additionally, the minerals in UMM control inflammation, regulate hormone production, boost the immune system, promote brain function while re-mineralizing the entire body. They have been used as an effective treatment for a wide range of conditions, such as treating neural pain, diminished brain function, degenerative diseases and even as a natural libido stimulator.

 The health benefits 
  • Mineral transfer - UMM contains both humic and fulvic acids in a concentrated solution. The humic acid (it is not acidic) acts as a dilator increasing the cell wall permeability, and the fulvic acid as a chelator that carries the minerals. This allows easier transfer of minerals from the blood to the bone and cells. 
  • Detoxification - UMM not only brings life-sustaining minerals to the body, but it also captures and removes toxic metals. 
  • Stress management - literature has reported that humates in UMM block or reduce the production of stress-causing hormones. 
  • Prevents cell mutation - UMM works with DNA and cellular division within the body. 
  • Microbial interaction - UMM stimulates microbial growth dramatically and also exhibits anti-microbial properties by stimulating the "good" microbes while suppressing the "bad" microbes. 
  • Anti-viral properties - the humic substances in UMM have long been known to exhibit anti-viral properties, in particular, rhinoviruses. They have been shown to be effective for influenza, respiratory tract infections, anemia, peptic ulcers as well as Herpes types 1 and 2, hepatitis and HIV.
  • Repairs liver damage - research on the effect of humic and fulvic acids in UMM on damaged liver tissue  show it stimulates the mitochondria of the cells, increasing DNA and RNA levels and overall liver mass. 
  • Cholesterol and blood sugar - UMM has the effect of aiding the body to rid itself of excess sugar and salt before being absorbed by the body therefore reducing buildup of plaque on arteries and veins by excess salt consumption and the conversion of too much sugar into fat cells. Fatty cholesterol levels have lowered without changes in diet while improving heart functions. 
 What's the secret in UMM?

Until recently, most of the world has been kept in the dark about a "miraculous" medical discovery that is so safe, powerful and effective that leading scientists call it the "missing link" in our food chain. Medical studies have shown that the absence of this "secret extract" in the human diet may be directly related to the rise in rapidly increasing degenerative diseases worldwide. Experts know that more than vitamins and minerals are required for optimal health, and these third nutritional elements may be the missing link.

Humic Acid

  • Humic acid is a solid substance, but is completely soluble in water.
  • Humic acid is extracted from humic (organic) substances.
  • Humic acid is a molecule that binds with many other molecules.
  • Humic acid is bound. That means that there are minerals and metals bound to the molecules. 
  • Humic acid opens the pathways within the body through the membrane into the blood stream

Fulvic Acid

  • Fulvic Acid is a major component of organic matter. It transports nutrients into the cells. It is, in fact, the key component that facilitates the full uptake of trace minerals and other nutrients into the cells of the body

Natureworks Health extracts and processes these substances in a unique patented method without ruining their fundamental structure and then refines them to produce UMM.

 The science 

Nearly every illness or condition can be traced back to a nutrient deficiency of some sort. In absence of adequate trace minerals, vitamins are unable to perform their proper function. 

Did you know your fruits and vegetables don’t absorb vitamins from the ground? What they do absorb are minerals. Minerals are taken into the body and used to catalyze the vitamins from the food we eat. 

That is the way it works. 

Your body needs the minerals to get to the vitamins. No minerals, no vitamins. And if the minerals are in the form of synthetic supplements then they won’t work either.

 The minerals not in food anymore

But these minerals are contained in UMM (Mg/l):

Boron 0.34; Sodium 128; Magnesium 127; Aluminium 234; Silicon 59; Phosphorous 6.7; Sulphur 650; Potassium 22; Calcium 351; Titanium 1.22; Vanadium 3.1; Chromium 1.8; Manganese 0.86; Iron 286; Nickel 1.3; Cobalt 0.26; Copper 0.16; Zinc0.5; Selenium 0.48; Strontium 3.3; Molybdenum 0.02; Silver 0.2; Gallium; Beryllium; Scandium; Germanium; Arsenic; Rubidium; Yttrium; Zirconium; Niobium; Molybdenum; Ruthenium; Rhodium; Palladium; Cadmium; Tin; Antimony; Tellurium; Cesium; Lanthanum; Cerium; Neodymium; Samarium; Europium; Gadolinium; Terbium; Dysprosium; Holmium; Erbium; Thulium; Ytterbium; Lutetium; Hafnium; Tantalum; Tungsten; Iridium; Platinum; Gold; Thallium; Bismuth; Thorium

 UMM is completely organic! 

A Dissolved Organic Carbon test shows up to 800mgC/L .

This means the minerals in UMM are bound to carbon, making them organic.      

 Need to know more?

See our FAQs for more technical information. You can also ask us more questions.


Available Oxygen as 1O2, concentrated humic minerals, concentrated fulvic minerals


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