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About Us

Natureworks Health is an Australian-owned and operated company. We research, develop and manufacture all our products in Australia.

It's taken us 30 years to answer questions of how the human body really works. What it needs to operate efficiently, stay healthy, what causes it to get sick, and then fix itself. After 30 years we believe we now know the answers AND we also believe we have developed the solutions using the many benefits of nanomedicine.

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What we ARE

Natureworks Health is a body repair and maintenance company. Our job is purely to help the body get back into balance and stay there. That way it can do what it was designed to do, and that is efficiently operate day to day. Our business is about dramatically reducing dependence on chemically engineered pharmaceuticals by introducing a range of future technology, advanced, organic products that are simple, safe, economic to use, and that work. The technology we have developed and now use is way past natural or alternative medicine. In fact in may ways it is in front of many recent advances in traditional medicine. 

Why? Because we treat the person not the symptom, with our products that are organic in nature so they are bio-available (absorbable) by the body. 

What we are NOT!

We are not a vitamin company. We don’t make vitamins. Vitamins are synthetic in nature and the body does not absorb them - they are a waste of your money. Besides your body can get all the vitamins it needs from the food you eat, given the right tools or assistance.

Quality and customer satisfaction

Our goal is to offer the very best, simple alternatives to the myriad of vitamin and mineral supplements on the market, and dramatically reduce our dependence on chemically engineered pharmaceuticals.

Natureworks Health's quality control and customer satisfaction means that we also offer a money-back guarantee

Your health, your benefit. Enjoy! 

Why Natureworks Health is different 

Real solutions

Natureworks Health does not promote vitamins or minerals for the sake of a perceived benefit. Our products are developed as a solution to a recognizable condition. Many issues to do with our health (such as weight gain) are thought to be a problem we alone have created and we alone have to fix. GainOver is an example of a weight loss product that is developed as an appetite changer rather than merely a suppressant.

It's all cellular 

Every part of the body is connected at a cellular level, and communication links between cells in many cases has been broken by influences such as pollution, illness and overeating. Natureworks Health aims to reconnect these links so the body can do what it is so well designed to do - maintain, repair, and improve the operation of our body.

Healthy body, healthy mind 

Natureworks Health aims to awaken people to the concept that life starts and ends at a cellular level. We have the technology of nanomedicine to fix cells, so we can eventually fix anything to do with our body. Physical health and wellbeing re-reflects back into mental health and wellbeing so the two are in a constant, direct response to each other. We hope to bring the two back into alignment so people can be happier and healthier at a fundamental level, which will ultimately bring us back into alignment with our environment, our world, our consciousness.

Liquids not tablets

Natureworks Health believes reliable, efficient health products must be liquid in nature rather than solids or tablet. When liquids (in most cases ionized, frequency-treated, filtered water) are swallowed, up to 90% is absorbed into the blood stream before it reaches the stomach. A tablet or solid form may or may not get to the blood stream effectively once it reaches the intestine. 

Noticeable benefits, fast 

Natureworks Health products are designed to do specific things for specific illnesses or conditions. In every case our products must have a noticeable benefit within a short time frame. They work. They are truly unique - they have been developed to work at a cellular level and in many cases they are electrocratic (have a frequency or electrical charge to match the cells being targeted) without the use of actual electricity. 

Quality control

All Natureworks Health products are manufactured in glass containers and bottled in glass in order to avoid phthalate contamination from plastic. It is a more expensive and challenging container for shipping but there is no question about quality and purity.

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