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10 Simple Steps towards a healthier brain

10 Simple Steps towards a healthier brain

With Depression and Dementia becoming more and more common, we thought we should look at a few steps that help you maintain a healthy brain. 

Our OxigenPlus and Gain Over products have shown great progress in helping people who suffer from Dementia and Alzheimer’s as their function is to provide more oxygen to all cells and help balance our hormones.

But what else can we do?

1. Reduce alcohol and drug use

Alcohol is arguably the most addictive drug in the world, try and reduce your alcohol intake to two units a day and avoid binge drinking.

Make sure you research any pharmaceuticals your doctor prescribes you as they may not be good for healthy brain function and have bad side effects. Always look to natural remedies first. Pharmaceuticals are first and foremost; synthetic drugs.

2. Reduce sugar and fat

Food products these days have a lot of added preservatives and sugars, and our bodies are therefore consuming more sugars and fats than ever before. By not giving the body the correct nutrients to keep our bodies in check, we are creating hormonal imbalances purely by choosing the wrong foods to eat. Start by not adding sugar to your meals. Try to avoid sodas and remember that treats like this only make you happy for a few minutes. 

3. Challenge your brain

In a non-work environment, challenge your brain through activities such as games, sport, and creative pursuits. Never stop learning!

4. Restrict your exposure to advertising

Advertising or ‘Comparing to our peers’ creates anxiety and simply makes us consume things we don’t need.

But if you do limit your television consumption, it may help you avoid negative news. We all like to keep informed but try to restrict your exposure. Bad news is good news according to the media and constant exposure to depressing incidents (with graphic footage) cannot possibly be good for your brain.

Unfortunately, happy advertising with happy people can be seen as fake and gives you the wrong impression about what makes you really feel happy. 

5. Healthy Diet

A great idea is to visit your local farmers market and start buying organic food that contains the vitamins and minerals you need to maintain hormonal balance. Mass produced vegies and protein contain unnatural stimulants that are harmful to us.This is because these farms lack the natural soil nutrients and add man made stimulants.

Keep away from oil made from seeds.They are highly processed. Read ‘Toxic Oil’ by David Gillespie to learn about the lie that is ‘polyunsaturated fats.’ Remember, vegetables don’t produce oil. 

Basically, if it’s man made, try and avoid it. So tinned food, fast food and unfortunately bread should be avoided as much as possible.  Eat more broccoli and cauliflower.  Cauliflower is a great replacement for rice and pasta. 

Vitamin and mineral supplements should be in a liquid form to ensure natural ingredients and better absorption. Most of them are not efficiently absorbed by your body if taken in a solid form.

6. Socialise-Be active!

Get out there! Join clubs and activity groups that keep you active.  It’s so hard to maintain regular exercise and other activities on your own.  Find what you love and join similar groups in the same mind set as you. 

7. Meditate

Sometimes we just need time to ourselves. 

8. Stop beating yourself up!

We all stuff up. Just let it go and move on.  Forgive yourself!

9. Return to nature

Go for a walk and just appreciate nature. We are all part of the same ecosystem and it is important that you feel connected to where you are.

10. Look after your heart

Make sure you look after your heart to further look after your brain.


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