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Let your body do the talking for healthy eating

Summer is coming and that brings summer body anxiety.

For the majority of us, fad diets and exercise regimes are not sustainable because they are simply not natural to our mind and body.

But how do you make your body only want healthy foods? How do you make your body want regular exercise, especially at the modern gut-busting level we are told to achieve?

Stop beating yourself up!

Hormones play an important role in controlling our appetite. Specific peptides and enzymes in the stomach send strong messages to the brain as to what and when to eat, and when to stop.

Not many people know appetite is controlled by communication between the gut and the brain (enzyme and hormonal communication). When the body is in hormonal balance the body regulates what food it desires, how much it wants and when it is satisfied.

Research shows that the key hormones Ghrelin, Leptin and PYY are key players in controlling appetite. Ghrelin tell us the body it is hungry and needs to eat, and Leptin and PYY tell the body it has had enough food and need to stop eating. Together they balance the body’s states of hunger and satisfaction.

When the body is out of hormonal balance, it is regularly hungry, so it is harder to control snacking and portions, and that’s when we crave high-fat, high-sugar foods and liquids.

It is very common to see obesity and depression caused by our diets. Being overweight has been referred to as an epidemic because it contributes to a myriad of diseases. But not only are we bombarded by the marketing of unhealthy foods, we are also supplied with poor fresh food from poor soils. Most of the fruit and vegetables we buy lack the minerals to keep our bodies in hormonal balance.

So if we are above our recommended body weight, then there is a good chance we have a hormonal imbalance. This can be difficult to rectify.

It is hormonal imbalance (disruption of homeostasis) that starts the vicious cycle of weight loss and weight gain – regardless of whether you are overweight or underweight.

The fight for normal body weight is about metabolism and appetite. Your normal metabolism is your main energy burner. 70 per cent is dedicated to the calories you burn at rest and a further 15 per cent goes into digesting your food. The other 15 per cent is dedicated to physical activity.

So what can be done?

Don’t do it all at once, just start changing to healthier foods over time.

Try liquid organic supplements (not vitamin or mineral pills) that encourage hormonal balance and result in healthier eating with a better metabolism.  

Healthy eating combined with regular (sustainable) exercise ensures you are on the way to naturally beating excess weight without participating in damaging diets.


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