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Train your brain to reject fats and sugar

In The West Australian newspaper 20-21 September 2014 we read an article about “Train your brain to reject fats and sugar”. The article noted that “combining behavior- change education with a low GI, high-fibre diet increased test subjects desire to eat healthy food and  reduces their cravings for fats and sugars”.

We at Natureworks Health definitely agree except for the simple fact that the “training” is easier said than done. In a perfect world where there would be no temptations, pressure from family and friends, no stress and no advertising, one might expect to be able to do this all on your own. Realistically, you might be able to start such a training program but how do you stick to it without help of some kind?

Well, that’s where GainOver comes in. It is the very reason Natureworks Health developed GainOver because we all need help when it comes to sugar cravings and addictions. And not just in the short term, but in order for the “training” to be successful, the “second brain” which is the stomach/gut, needs to come into play.

The channels of communication between the stomach (brain) and brain (between the shoulders) via particular hormones and enzymes start to regulate the body as to what food it desires. As the stomach brain starts to control food needs, the cravings stop and the “bad” foods start to lose their appeal. You even start to notice that the cheesecake you craved before doesn’t turn you on like it used to.

The beauty of GainOver is that you can get that help as and when you need it. It is so simple to take as a liquid, or with the atomizer take it with you when you go out and you need a boost of resistance. With GainOver you don’t need to exert super human control over your willpower or rely on someone to give you moral support, which unfortunately only works on rare occasions.

We'd love you to give GainOver a try and see if it helps reduce your sugar cravings. Find out more, and please let us know your results.



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