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Chronic Illness Repair Kit (CIRK)

A preventative and recovery treatment for people suffering from serious illness.   


The Chronic Illness Kit (CIRK) from Natureworks Health is the result of 15 years of research and development together with scientific evidence that dates back 100 of years. 

The CIRK has proven through anecdotal evidence to be so promising that Natureworks Health has applied for patent protection for its use in treatment of Hepatitis C, influenza, herpes virus, tuberculosis, HIV and many other infectious diseases.. 

The body can fix itself given the right tools in the form of minerals, nutrients and elements. 

 Step 1: Set the scene so the body can go to work efficiently and effectively. 
Product 1 begins by working on every cell in the body. It accesses every cell with oxygen and nutrients to allow it to make more energy and remove waste quickly. This is known as redox and production of ATP. It also opens the gateway into the cells so Product 2 and Product 3 can do their jobs.
 Step 2: Take some of the pressure off the body's resources to enable it to fight the illness at the core... the cell.  
Product 2 carries an extremely high level of anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial elements  into the body to repair damaged tissue. It is a broad spectrum organic antibiotic like nothing else. 
 Step 3: Backup, cleanup and maintenance.

Product 3 helps Product 1 and Product 2 to be metabolised (taken up) by the body without stressing the organs - the kidney in particular - with waste removal. It provides essential re-mineralisation of over 70 minerals as well as acts as a probiotic and one of the strongest antioxidants known.

Product 4 Stops damaged cells from mutating, therefore aids in the clean up and maintenance process.

 How is it taken? 
Four liquid products taken by swishing in or sprayed into the mouth, three times a day. The CIRK is designed as a 30 day program but as illness subsides and health improves, can be scaled back to one per day of each product.

Product 1 - Sulphur .82g/It, Silver nano-particles 9mg/It, Gold nano particle 8mg/It, Available Oxygen as 1O2

Product 2 - Suplhur 1.22g/It, Silver nano-particles 9mg/It, Available Oxygen as 1O2, Filtered frequency treated de-ionized water

Product 3 - Available Oxygen as 1O2, Concentrated humic minerals, concentrated fulvic minerals, de-ionised frequency treated water

Product 4 - Selenium Methionine 500,000ug/It, silver nano-particles 7mg/It, De-ionised frequency treated water

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