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Multi Metal Detox Treatment (MMDTX)

For the elimination of multiple heavy metals from tissue within the body.  

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The presence of heavy metals accumulating in our bodies is one of the biggest "secrets" in the health industry today. Heavy metals are termed "ionic" making them free radicals, and therefore the strongest of oxidants that accumulate in the soft tissues of the body. They cannot be easily removed.

But no-one talks about heavy metals contributing to 80% of all illness in the world today. 

This is probably for two reasons:

  • Firstly, there has not, until now, been a reliable, simple and inexpensive method to test for heavy metals available to the public.
  • Secondly, there has not, until now, been a reliable, simple, proven, inexpensive heavy metal detoxer that works.

Natureworks Health has solved both of these issues with the Heavy Metal Test Kit and the Multi Metal Detox Treatment. 

One of the great benefits of our patented test kit and detox treatment is that any one can now test themselves and/or their family at home or anywhere, get an immediate result, start a detox treatment, and then monitor results. You can test your drinking water, food, clothing for heavy metal presence - even you pets accumulate heavy metals. 

How is it used?

Naturework Health's Multi Metal Detox Treatment (MMDTX) is so simple to take because we have made it a super chelator (binder) through concentration. All you need to take is 2ml per day (added to 1 litre of water and consumed during the day). The MMDTX is designed to bind or coat the heavy metals accumulated in the tissues of the body with carbon, an organic carbon, making them easily removed from the body.

By using this method, little or no stress is put on the organs (such as the kidneys) and the detoxing process can be done gradually and efficiently. The MMDTX only binds to the ionic metals, therefore not interfering with the organic ones that are used by the body.

How does it work?

Multi Metal Detox Treatment was developed by Natureworks Health with the know how of its health professionals using Nanomedicine technology. It has nine distinct advantages over anything remotely to do with heavy metal detoxing:

  1. Use of charged and structured water
  2. The amino acid EDTA is present in colloidal form for ease of absorption
  3. Suitable for oral or transdermal usage due to the colloidal nature of the product
  4. pH of the product is maintained around 5.5 which makes it optimal for dermal usage
  5. Direct absorption into bloodstream with the colloidal nature even taken into the digestive tract
  6. Catalyst agent to produce nascent oxygen (proprietary process)
  7. Effective removal of heavy metals at cellular level
  8. Embedded alkalising agent to promote body alkaline condition for more effective removal of heavy metals
  9. Buffer included for protection of the eliminating organ (kidneys)
Need to know more

See our FAQ on heavy metals.

Used in conjunction with the Natureworks Heavy Metals Test Kit (HMTK).  

The amount of treatment (or length of time of the treatment) can vary depending on the degree of contamination. Natureworks Health recommends a test is conducted at the beginning and the end of the treatment period for comparison. 

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