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Muscle and Cramp Relief

End muscle soreness and cramps quickly with Muscle and Cramp Relief (MCR) by Natureworks Health.   

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MCR is easy, fast, safe and powerful because it acts directly at the source of the muscle pain or cramp. It is applied topically as a spray and is immediately absorbed into the skin and takes effect on the muscle within seconds. Our  patented technology utilising nanoparticle ingredients charged with a matching muscle frequency makes MCR:

  • High-absorbing: being in liquid form, simply spraying onto the skin in the affected area brings relief in seconds. 
  • Fast:  it starts absorbing immediately and becomes even more effective with time.
  • Side effect-free:  it causes no stomach upset or laxative effect as it is not ingested. 
  • Easy to use: athletes, sportsmen and working people can treat a sore muscle or cramp AND get relief while on the go. 

MCR is manufactured to standards in excess of health standards and only supplied in glass for purity.

The nanoparticle technology of MCR is unique in the treatment of sore muscles and cramping by being able to spray it topically and directly onto the affected area the ingredients are targeting that region SPECIFICALLY. 

The muscle gets all the necessary elements it needs from MCR without having to drag it out from other parts of the body such as the bones and/or other organs. These parts of the body may already be lacking in those elements (clinical studies prove most people are deficient in magnesium and potassium) partly why relief and repair by the body takes so long if left without outside help.


  • Magnesium 29000mg/li
  • Calcium 700mg/lt
  • Potassium 460mg/lt
  • Sodium 1090mg/lt
  • Sulphur 110mg/lt
  • Frequency charged de-ionised water
  • Alchohol 4%

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