Nature works wonders


Why Natureworks Health is different 

Our technology is sub atomic and organic

Our years of research and development have centered around what we at Natureworks call “nanomedicine” - essentially the interactions between sub atomic particles or “nanoparticles” and cells. This technology has the ability to positively affect the health of every human being, animal and plant on the planet.  

Those years of research and trial have led the health professionals at Natureworks Health to the answers of how and why:

  • you get sick and keep getting sick
  • people suffer from lack of energy
  • vitamins don’t work 
  • aches and pains just won’t go away as you get older
  • bodily functions don’t work as well as they used to with age
  • weight is easy to gain but harder to lose 
  • mental activity seems to be slowing down and or getting cloudy
  • chronic illness never seems to clear up and just keeps lingering 
  • many “bad” ingredients in our foods like salt and sugar can be converted to “good”  
  • damaged cells keep growing and how to stop them dead
  • muscle recovery and bone repair need not take a long time
  • some people seem to be “getting” older before their time
  • what brings on conditions such as arthritis and how to deal with it
  • many diseases are not actually diseases
  • hormone imbalances can’t be fixed from the outside
  • many other health issues dealing with disease, failing organs through to deteriorating vision and respiratory issues

What we found from the research comes down to one thing that is related to every disease, illness, condition or degree of well being in all of us, and that is…  the efficient (or inefficient) operation of each and every cell in our body.


Our nanomedicine technology can work on all 38 trillion of them at once, or guided to work on only a few million at a time in a particular part of the body, depending on what the condition is.  Our technology is not about putting foreign substances into the body to “fix” the problem but about aiding the body to do what it is designed to do better than any drug, pharmaceutical or machine can, and that is operate efficiently and fix itself of all and/or any illness or health issue that comes along. We don’t make synthetic substances like vitamin tablets that the body rejects and simply passes into the toilet. Each and every product we develop has been formulated and “treated” to be readily accepted/absorbed by the body, making it organic by nature. It is one of the reasons we apply for patent protection where we can for each and every product we make. Why? Because we know it works!

Take a look at the two photos below, which are of 7 different products in the Natureworks Health range.

In Photo 1 what appears to be in containers of clear fluid is revealed by light from a torch. The beam illuminates nanoparticles that can carry anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and sick cell destroyer elements small enough to enter into each and every cell in the body. These nanoparticles can carry skin, muscle, organ, bone repair and rebuild mechanisms as well as elements to untangle neural pathways in the brain affected by dementia and other mental conditions.  

Photo 2 of the same containers taken with a spectrographic camera reveals what our patented frequency treatment does. It shows photons bouncing off the hexametric bonding of organic elements within the nano particles.

This is what nanomedicine looks like.

What actually makes us sick?

Our research over the years revealed that a tremendous number of illness and health issues are related to contamination from heavy metals. It turns out you don’t have to have worked in a mercury mine to get mercury poisoning, and the symptoms from it are wide and varied, especially in children. 

To find out what is making you sick, especially when the cause is not obvious, you should consider heavy metals as a possible source. Natureworks Health has developed the first multi metal test kit you can use at home to check yourself, your children, drinking water, food, and pets. We also developed a heavy metal detox treatment that is easy to take and works quickly but does not put strain on the body’s organs. 

What can keep you healthy?

With OxigenPlus, we can get extra oxygen into the cells so that they (you) can produce more energy, recover from exercise faster and breathe even better.

What can help you with weight loss and eating properly?

Many issues to do with our health such as weight gain are thought to be a problem we alone have created and we alone have to fix. GainOver is an example of a weight loss product we developed using nanoparticle elements that aids the body to train itself to eat better food, lose weight and convert excess sugar into energy rather than fat.

What can help you feel normal again?

HRT by Natureworks Health (for women) takes organic nanoparticle elements into the body to help it restart the hormone producing glands, bringing a long term solution to hormonal imbalances and symptoms brought on by menopause, PMT and other conditions. It is a far better solution to regularly injecting a foreign substance (as far as the body is concerned) that often has side effects worse than the symptoms they are supposed to fix. 

Watch this space!

Natureworks Health has many more products in the final stages of development and entering production so it is likely that if you, family or friends have health issues or just want help to be as fit and healthy as possible we have a solution.

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