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GAINOVER for women

Barbara, 58

I wanted to send a quick email to say this is amazing. I noticed an immediate change in my appetite in that I not only stopped snacking but had smaller portions on my three meals a day. With no exercise I lost 2kg after two weeks when only using once per day. I have since followed the recommended initial dose of three times a day by buying the travel mate so I make sure I have it nearby. Now I have lost 10kg I’m back to 5ml a day and look forward to maintaining this weight. Thanks.


I also just wanted to let you know that I've been amazed by the changes in my tastes since I started your product.  I've only been using the Gainover for the moment as I wanted to monitor the changes and be able to work out which product was doing what to my body.

The difference in how my body responds to various foods now has been incredible.  I don't have ANY of the cravings I've had previously and if I do want something "bad", then I only want a smaller quantity.  I'm working on the exercise each day and looking forward to this combination resulting in some fabulous all over body changes.

Thank you for your advice and help in choosing the products right for me. Warm regards Debbie

Denise, 56

 Just a note to let you know that GainOver is working for me very nicely.  

I have been carrying 3 to 4 kilos for the past couple years that I just have not been able to keep off. I exercise daily to the point of exhaustion sometimes but couldn’t move them.  

Part of my problem is the large amount of food my body needs every day. I eat more than anyone else in the house and I put this down to the exercise. I eat very healthy but still can’t shake the weight. GainOver has helped me within the last 2 weeks to move those 3 kilos just by lowering my sugar cravings for excess honey on my crumpets of which I have 4 to 6 per day along with cutting back on my treat of tim tams each night with coffee (down from 4 to 2)

Linda, 26

Hi, just a note to say I have lost over 5 kgs in the past 2 weeks since starting on GainOver. I really like the atomizer because I use it when I am being tempted during the day. Not eating much junk food lately as well. I have also noticed that I have gone off alcohol, probably the sugar in it. Not a bad thing! Feeling really good.

GainOver and OxigenPlus

Donna, 65

I have been taking GainOver for a few weeks now and have cut back on sugary foods such as cheesecake (my favourite) dramatically. I was also feeling a bit tired too often and started taking OxigenPlus which I found made me more energetic during the day. I can’t tell you how many kgs I have lost but my clothes are loose fitting and I feel much more comfortable.

Sarah, 42

My 16 yr old daughter and I have just started using Gainover and Oxigen Plus.  

The results have been immediate with less hunger, especially for sweet treats.  

Our energy levels have increased and we generally feel healthier with my daughter now doing more exercise.

Oxigen Plus

Aaron, 44

I do a lot of physical work with my maintenance job. I carried a sore shoulder last year up until now. I haven’t had any muscle soreness since taking OxigenPlus. The shoulder soreness just disappeared.


I have been battling with my health for 4 years, feeling tired and not able to pull myself together to get things done. Have visited hospitals, had blood tests, scans and other tests but nobody can really put their finger on what the problem is.  

Since I have been using OxigenPlus, I have more energy to do things. It has turned things around and I am slowly feeling stronger by the day. Don't ask me what makes the difference, because that is very difficult to say but I feel that something in my body has changed for the better.


My computer has been down for 2 weeks now so sorry I couldn't keep in touch. My son Dion who has been on the OxigenPlus has a good report. He last year had 2 surgeries to remove bladder tumors - one being the size of this thumb. After both surgeries his pain never left. In fact it got worse where he was miserable all day and night. Fell into sleep deprivation and misery. After the week on the OxigenPlus he came over to say his pain had gone in the bladder for 3 days now. He was so happy. His color is also returning to a natural look. He is still on the OxigenPlus but we are running low. I am sharing the last bottle with him. My condition went dormant as I had cut down on the amount I was taking. Went to 1 tsp 2 times a day from 1 1/2 teaspoon 3 times a day. Immediately the die off stopped. I went on like that for a week thinking I had had so much die off maybe I didn't need to take so much. But when I went back to 3 times a day and the higher dose the die off came daily and strong. I still have about 40 small cancers in the skin at the end of the nerves from the hundreds I started with. They no longer wake me up at night or keep me from walking. Last winter I just about lost my ability to walk from the severe pain in the nerves and legs. Now it is so much less. I haven't taken the L shots for 3 months now since using OxigenPlus. Hope I don't have to ever go back on them. I am glad after 24 years not to have to take them anymore. The pain in the face is down about 90% with very little movement now. Only under one eye and in one cheek in the corner.  

(Later date)  My friend Jim’s heart is failing so much. They want to do another abulation on him tomorrow. I am meeting with his wife in 2 hrs to give her a bottle of OxigenPlus. I am advising them to order from you 4 or 5 bottles to see him through. First things first. We need to help him save his life. Iratic heart beat, and pounding in the chest from shock due to his wife and an accident that happened. I am continuing to take the OxigenPlus 3 times a day and my nerve condition is getting better day by day. I am not in constant pain anymore.  

(Later date) Jim just wrote me today that all the heart trouble has stopped. He also said he took 1oz. three times a day for a week. Then took 1oz two times a day for a week. Now 1oz. a day and no attacks. He is very happy.


Dr Ian Lyons,

I received the two bottles and much appreciate your assistance and health advice. I am still feverish and sleeping long hours during the day. I believe I will be fully recovered in March. Apparently the blood tests showed I contracted Dengue type 4 (I know this was in Singapore over Christmas) I fought this through January and had recovered 90%. Unfortunately I then contracted Dengue type 2 in KL which then sent me into low fatigue which resulted in my hospitalisation. I believe the OxigenPlus kept me alive as normally 2 bouts of dengue result in death. The hospital was amazed at my speedy recovery.  

Thank you again.

Gillian, 78

I would like to thank you immensely for providing and treating me over the last three months from August till November 2013 with OxigenPlus. As a result of suffering from a cardiac arrhythmia condition and allergy to the medication and blood thinners, I have been into emergency three times and several times more into hospital, for treatment to no avail. I have been suffering for the past ten months with a sensation of severe burning of the mouth and skin with associated nausea which caused sleep deprivation and complete loss of appetite and severe loss of weight. I also suffered from exhaustion, panic attacks and became very disorientated with short term memory loss and on the verge of a nervous breakdown before being treated with OxigenPlus. I believe this amazing product has saved my life and put me on the path to full recovery. My health and life is now rapidly returning to normal and I am looking forward to my 78th birthday, thanks to your dedicated help.

Jason, 45

I play tennis twice a week and at my age it’s difficult to recover from muscle soreness depending on how hard a particular game is. I now take OxigenPlus before and after a game and have noticed greater stamina and very quick muscle recovery. I recommend this to anyone playing a sport. I’m actually winning more games.

Jordan, 18

I’ve been suffering with Asthma for most of my life.  Since taking OxigenPlus I now experience more energy, less coughing and the use of my puffer is rare.  I recommend OP to anyone with asthma.


Some weeks ago I had an appointment with a Rheumatologist in Brisbane to see whether I had this particular Arthritis or not.  

He had a series of blood tests done and the results showed that I had a number of issues including Protein in my blood. A surprise!  

My GP referred me to a Haematologist. I have since had more tests including a full skeletal x-ray, and a bone marrow biopsy. I have been diagnosed with MGUS. I am required to have another blood test in another 7 weeks to determine if there have been any changes to the levels of Protein in my blood.  

I have been taking OxigenPlus now for approximately seven weeks. I am feeling really good. I have just had another blood test done and the results are very favourable. All other of my problems have cleared. I will not have a result regarding the protein until November. I am very confident in this product and have no hesitation in recommending it. I will be happy to advise the results of the blood test for protein level after the November appointment.

Matt, 31

Being a personal trainer and amateur boxer I struggle with having enough energy to perform at my best every day. OxigenPlus definitely gives me more energy and greater muscle recovery.  

I don’t take any other products now for energy and muscle recovery.

Noel, 58

I’m a real estate agent that works seven days a week. I take OxigenPlus in the morning and then again at around 3pm. It’s definitely giving me greater energy levels and I seem to be operating better from the get go in the morning.

Peter, 58

Just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how happy I am with OxigenPlus .  

I have had lower back pain for the last 5 years now. It gets better but is always there, when I get out of the car, out of bed or bend over to put on my socks and shoes on in the morning; it is at least a niggling sharp pain at best.  

I started taking OxigenPlus in middle January this year. Well, by about Day Four I got out of bed at 5.30am and thought something was different but I didn't know what it was.  

Went and had a shower and then got dressed and it suddenly struck me as I was standing in front of the mirror with my socks and shoes on that I had felt no pain in my back, either when I woke up or when I put my shoes on!   Just had my second bottle arrive (just in time!) and still no back pain. Also in the last couple weeks I have noticed that I have a lot more energy, especially by late afternoon when I usually feel sleepy and if possible grab a 20 minute power nap. Don't need it any more!!  

Thank you for this wonderful product.

Sharonne (Registered Nurse & Naturopath),

While running my small property I need to slash the paddocks, mow the lawns and use a whipper snipper once a fortnight. As I suffer from severe hayfever and a grass allergy, I have to take an antihistamine to be able to mow and slash. Despite taking the antihistamine in the evening, my eyes will water, my throat itch ad my nose blocks. This condition remains for 2-3 days. After consuming OxigenPlus for 3 months I have absolutely NO hayfever symptoms. I no longer require an antihistamine and have no itch in my eyes or throat and not blocking of my nose. I am so grateful to OxigenPlus as I have had severe hayfever for over 40 years and have tried many natural remedies unsuccessfully.

Tiffany, 46

I am a 46 year old lady, living on the northern tablelands of rural New South Wales, Australia. I would like to share with you my experience with OxigenPlus.  

I have only been using OxigenPlus for the past 4 weeks.  

During the first week of use, the only thing I noticed was that I was excessively tired.  

During the second week, I found that I was sleeping more soundly - rather than just the usual 4-6 hours’ sleep, majority of nights I was able to get a good 8-9 hours. The ability to cope during the day if I did have a rough night's sleep has improved considerably.  

I found I was able to get up out of bed first thing of a morning and get going for the day without any effort at all. This is such a tremendous result, something I am absolutely thrilled with. Previously, I would have set the alarm clock an extra 30 minutes early, because it would take me 15-30 minutes to "come around". I usually wake up feeling cold, needing a warm shower and a hot cuppa to even get to a functioning state. Trying to get through that "exhaustion fog" first thing of a morning was real effort. I felt like I had done a full day's work before I even started the day.  

I have always had trouble with sneezing, food sensitivities and hay fever (hay fever season is cruel for me). I have noticed that I have not been sneezing. I'm extremely pleased with the results so far, and will be very interested to see how I go this year, as we get into hay fever season.  

Week three, I found that I wasn't waking up cold of a morning. It seems like my body may be regulating its temperature better.  

During the past two years, I have suffered from wheezing and persistent coughing (usually of an evening), as a result of whooping cough contracted in February 2012. This week I have not experienced that coughing and wheezing of an evening.  

After doing any strenuous exercise/chores, I'm finding my recovery time and the intensity of aches and pains is less.  

The only change I have made to my lifestyle at this, is the taking OxigenPlus, 5ml once a day. I attribute these positive and remarkable results, of recovery and healing of some lifelong ailments, to the use of OxigenPlus. I'm absolutely thrilled with these initial results.

Val, 67

Just a note to let you know that I've been on OxigenPlus and have just finished the first bottle. About 4 weeks into the bottle I hurt my leg and was unable to walk until 5 days.  

I had no medical treatment for it. 10 days after the injury I visited the chiropractor. She checked out my leg and found a freshly healed muscle tear, and was amazed that at my age (67) the healing was so rapid.  

After an initial feeling of tiredness I feel more alert and energized than I have for a few years.  

Thankyou for this product.

William, 74

Just wanted to let you know that after one month on OxigenPlus according to the lung test I had today and compared to the one I had just over a month ago, my lung capacity has improved from 64% to 88% with no drugs!!  

As you know I was feeling pretty tired and worn out. I was hunching over all the time and I was short of breath.  

I must say I was quite surprised at how different I feel now. I have gone back to riding my bike to the beach for 1-2 hours and am waking up refreshed.  

Thank you for your help with OxigenPlus. Just started on the 2nd bottle and going strong!

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